PASSION: The Formula
PASSION Sailing Cruises has been created in 2001 after more than 20 years sailing in the Mediterranean sea, Indian Ocean and the Caribbean to offer anyone a sailing cruise far from home with total confidence in a partner on the spot.
Passion Sailing in Greece and Turkey
The Cartibbean

The Seychelles
Sail Turkey
The Mediterranean 

A sailing cruise is a very serious matter. The equipment and the people have to be prepared for the challenge of the sea.  We are initially sailors so we have the security and strictness inside us. 

  • A personal selection of what we call 'a good yacht' has been set; Between the Mediterranean  and the Caribbean sea. Various fleets levels have been chosen to give you a wide complementary choice.
    • We are always reachable on Internet and any other mean.. 
    • We meet regularly the yacht owners and base managers. We know the yachts state and their maintenance.
    • We work regularly with the owners and companies for which we are serious dealers.
    • We can act efficiently to help you in case of a problem or a favour.
    • We collect various offers, analyse them for you and show them clearly and compleately within minutes.
      - No suprise on the spot, our prices show all the expenses you could face.
    • We help you in your choices because of our knowledge of the field.
    • You rent a cruise with crew: These men and woman are at the base of the success of your cruise. We know them personally and have a friendly relationship with them. They are free lance skippers and we ask them to lead a bare yacht selected for you.  

      - Simpler, more complete, for the same price and sometimes cheaper.
      - You have security and a precious advise.
    • INSURANCE: All the yachts are fully insured against damage to hull, gear and equipments as well as for third party liability including passengers.

Let's introduce ourselves - About Us

My wife Servanne and myself are Bretons, from the beautiful Celtic coast at the north western tip of France ; A place where the tide is 13 meters high, the currents 9 knots strong and the rocks all over the place. The perfect place to pick up sailing.

It was also a great place to learn English, since the Channel was only one day trip.
This is where we were educated.
The unique French State Sailing School is of course settled in the area and it was natural for a Breton to obtain in 1974 the National sailing instructor diploma ( BEES 1) and the Merchant Marine license ( B ) to sail yachts to unlimited distances from the shore.

After many sailing schools and offshore sailing courses, my wife and I became base managers of the "
YACHT CLUB DE LA TRINITE SUR MER", the French Mecca of sailing.
But the sailors needed more adventure than staying on shore, so we organized cruises in Brittany, England, Greece and the West Indies including long crossings through the Atlantic and The Mediterranean.

From more than 25 years we have been sharing the exceptional way of living at sea with hundreds of people ; Along the annual 5000 miles performed every year with great success in the most attractive places in the world. I Personally collected a solid experience of the people’s life on board of a yacht. My concern has always been to fit the cruise to the people’s dreams.



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